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Justin Beard




June 15, 1982

Board of choice: 

Stoke Surfboards

Regular or Goofy:


Ideal session: 

Dawn patrol with light offshore winds grooming a moderate NE ground swell

Shred crew: 

Mostly solo sessions… I don’t have time for your nonsense.

Stomping ground:

Power Plant

Best place you’ve been: 

Mexico, Costa Rica

Morning or Afternoon: 

I’m on it before the sun comes up

Blondes or Brunettes: 


Drive or fly: 

Rolling in the Airstream

Tattoos or piercing: 

Neither, I keep it real

Funnier in person or online:

In person

Last place you were naked:

In my backyard

What would your super power be:

Mind control

When I am out surfing I like to…

Leave the bullshit behind and enjoy the session one wave at a time.

Dream Destination: 

Travel the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway with my lady and our two pups in the Airstream stopping to camp and surf wherever we want.

I know I shouldn't but I still...

Sweat the small things from time to time.

How did you get involved with shore lb?

As a creative/promoter

What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you?

shore lb. is more than a clothing company, it’s a way of life. No matter what you ride, you’re going to get pounded every once in a while so embrace it and come back stronger next time.


Jordan and Tara Schwartz at Ohana Surf Shop, Mike Karol at Stoke Surfboards, the crew at the Palm Beach County Surf History Project and Bruce “Spunky” Strunk at Spunky’s Surf Shop