Shore lb. [shore pound] def: surfer slang used to describe how waves crash directly on the beach.

Together with his wife Tiffany, and backed by the support of friends and family, Founder & CEO Chris Ellison set out to establish a brand that represents his love of skim boarding and the battering that sometimes comes with a heavy shore pound.  What he found was that everyone, even if they had never been on a skimboard, or near the ocean for that matter, understood on some level what it was like to take a pounding from time to time.  Sometimes life can dish it out harder than the ocean swell.  

shore lb. © is about taking those poundings as they come, getting up, brushing yourself off, and getting back at it.  it's about enjoying life and all the waves that come with it.

shore lb. ©  is a grassroots company founded on the principle that giving back to your community is essential.  A former lifeguard and long time supporter of the Vero Beach Lifeguards Association, Chris continues his support of charities local to his current home in Florida, as well as his roots in Tennessee.