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Nicole Capra


Mama Cap


Nov. 19, 1980

Board of choice:

9' 6" Tyler or 9' 0" Rat surfboard and 11' 0" Tahoe SUP.

Regular or Goofy:


Ideal session:

anywhere on the water with my fam.

Shred crew:

my gals and the beard

Stomping ground:

Ft. Pierce for surf, Indian River Lagoon for SUP

Best place you’ve been:

under the sea.

Morning or Afternoon:

All of the above.

Blondes or Brunettes:

blond... with a ginger beard

Drive or fly:


Tattoos or piercing:

pierced nose

Funnier in person or online:

in person

Last place you were naked:

Disney world

What would your super power be:

the ability to breathe under water. Basically, to turn into a mermaid.

When I am out on the water I like to...


Dream Destination:


I know I shouldn't but I still...

Pick. I'm a compulsive picker!

How did you get involved with shore lb?

It all started with meeting this incredible couple.... Next thing you know we're elbow deep with this awesome crew.

What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you?

In life, if you get pounded, you gotta get back up. Turns out you may just have a great group of people there to support you!


to my husband for indulging in my outlandish ideas! To Chris and Tiffany for adding us to this crazy life of yours! To my girls for being a constant inspiration to be a better person! And to my Florida family for always being there for me! Love you all :)