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Tiffany Ellison


Mama lb.



Board of choice:


Regular or Goofy:


Ideal session:

Sunset Paddle with the Crew

Best place you’ve been:

Mauna Kea which is a volcano on the island of Hawaii. Standing 13,803 ft above sea level and star gazing!

Morning or Afternoon:

Sunrise & Sunsets

Blondes or Brunettes:

Totally Blondes

Drive or fly: Jet-Setter

Tattoos or piercing:


Funnier in person or online:

Probably online, I'm more

hesitant in person

Last place you were naked:

at the Capra's house...lol sorry

What would your super power be:

I'm also a Mental Health Therapist so changing people's outlook on life could be a start.

When I am out on the beach, I like to...

Take it all in and watch the boys skim & surf.

Dream Destination:


I know I shouldn't but I still...

Purchase items in the check out lane. I call it my "impulse lane".

What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you?
The phrase shore lb. to me means family/friends/life.  It's about respect! Shore lb. also has a personal meaning that is my life. Mr. Shore lb. is my husband and the love of my life.


Shout out to our friends & family for all of your help. Tatum  for making the fun last a lifetime, The Capra's for all the love and support. My husband for following his dreams, & the  Epic Sessions Crew