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Chris Ellison





Board of choice: 

Depends on the Day! And the Waves!

Regular or Goofy:

Regularly Goofy

Ideal session:

Would be A Shore lb. party with everyone there!

Shred crew:

Shore lb. Krew

Stomping ground:

North Beach

Best place you’ve been:


Morning or Afternoon:

Definitely Afternoon, I’m not a morning person.

Blondes or Brunettes:


Drive or fly:

I have fun on any Trip!!

Tattoos or piercing:


Funnier in person or online:

For Shore in Person I can’t handle being in front of a computer for to long!

Last place you were naked:

In the Parking Lot

What would your super power be:

Flying because I love Blasting Airs

When I am out on the water I like to...

Rap and Make Bass beats on the Board!

Dream Destination:

The Moon

I know I shouldn't but I still...

Drink Natty’s with Chocolate Chip Cookies

How did you get involved with shore lb?

It was an Idea that came to me after Tiffany and I returned from our summer down in Cabo. The Idea hit me so hard that I had to pull over on the side of the turnpike somewhere in Ft. Lauderdale and start writing this dream down.

What does the phrase “shore lb.” mean to you?

Pushing the limits to places where most are afraid of and getting knocked down so hard you are spitting out teeth and your head is ringing, yet you  get back up, dust yourself off and do it again!


I want to thank everyone that has ever supported me and the idea of Shore Lb. because with out every single interaction with everyone that I have had this would not be possible. Also big thanks to All the Board members of Shore Lb. for working long hours and being as passionate about my dream as I am!!!! RESPECT!!!!