The Skim Scene is Live in Panama City Beach

The Skim Scene is Live in Panama City Beach

What’s up Shore lb. Family. 

I’m in mid flight leaving the 2024 Panama City Beach Spring Break Skim jam and my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing with some of the best people all weekend long. 

The weekend started off with a free skim clinic from Little Board riders in Pensacola Florida. Due to a storm delay I got stuck in Nashville for 16 hours but thankfully we have amazing Pro Skimboard friends and team riders Quinton Good, Kale Troha, and Elliott Miller set up with the support of Waterboyz Surf shop and provided free skim lessons to anyone that came to the beach. 

The rest of the Shore lb. Crew drove the trailer up and beat me to Panama City Beach by an hour and left 18 hours after I did. Every year Mr. Surf and the locals meet us at Sharky’s for a wave check and a sunset session. This year did not disappoint. Friday night vibes were as high as the wind that was blowing Gail force, as everyone rolled into town one by one. We all made the plan for set up in the morning with the PCB skimmers and turned in early. 

As the sun rose over Panama City Beach everyone meet at the trailer to unload and set up a contest. The wind had died but waves were still 2 to 3 foot with a rising tide so we wanted to get the contest started to get the best of the swell. 

Mason Broussard pro skimboarder and Shore lb. Team rider had reached out a few weeks before because he wanted to fly in from California, where he lives now, and surprise his mom and for this contest. So we kept his name off the sign up’s and the plan on the down low. As his mom Renae, huge support of Shore lb. And Skim USA director, was getting all the competitors signed in Mason walked up to give her and the whole contest a surprise. He did not bring a skimboard with him but used a Zap demo skimboard that he had never touched before this contest and shredded all weekend long. 

The contest had over 100 competitors and 8 professional skimboarders. The waves were supposed to die out and go flat on Sunday but we were in luck that the wind blew over night and kept the waves at a steady 1 to 2 foot all weekend long. We were luck enough to have our official skimboard MC ET Baker on this trip with us. He brings the vibes that everyone love to the contest and was able to do some live interviews with some Legendary skimboarders this weekend, if you missed them go to Shore Lb. TV our YouTube channel and check them out.

Dave  “Monster” Armstrong was on fire this weekend landing tricks that no one else was such as the “Madonna”. Pro rider Dylan Duncan “the Prince of Panama” was in his prime coming back to his home town as a Pro for the first time. Then there was the King of PCB Lance Richardson was fresh off a shoulder injury but you would never be able to tell the way he destroyed the waves in his heat. Geraldo Valencia is a training machine and is always on point taking home 2nd place. Then there is the story of the weekend. Mason B, flying in as a surprise to all, using a borrowed demo board, shredding like he owns these waves and taking the win in the pro division for the weekend. 

This was a weekend and a skim contest for the books. We will not forget this weekend anytime soon. If you missed the action you can replay it anytime on our YouTube channel Shorelb. TV

Thank you for all your support, this dream would not be possible without each and every one of you supporting us. Shout out to Salty Tide Photography and Elizabeth Cox Photography for all the amazing photos!

Maximum Respect 


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