Shore LB 2024 Update

Shore LB 2024 Update

What’s up Shore lb. family we are starting off our new year by leveling up in many ways. First, we have a new website and we are adding a blog, to keep everyone updated with all our new adventures.

The first Skim Contest of 2024, Skim USA tour was last month down in Melaque Mexico the “Melaque Skim Magia” in the home town of the Valencia Brothers. Gerardo Valencia the World Champion and Yahir Valencia #2 in the world, who had a clip featured on TMZ last week; both brothers are Zap Skimboard riders. We had 3 professional shore lb. team riders go down to the contest, Dylan Duncan, Dave “Monster” Armstrong, and Sterling Meyers. The pictures looked epic.

We caught up with Sterling on the phone on one hour of sleep after his return flight and working all day. His stoke level was through the roof. “The best trip I have been on yet” he stated. He landed in Puerto Vallarta and cruised down the coast to Melaque. “The coast was a beautiful drive looking over the cliffs, making it to town just in time to watch the amazing sun set over the mountains”. He was greeted by warm local hospitality while watching everyone cruise around on dirt bikes and dune buggies. The conditions were challenging but Sterling could not stop saying how hard Gerardo worked to make the contest go off without a hitch and make everyone feel at home in his town. Sterling is already talking about planning his next trip to Melaque. We have attached some of Sterlings pictures from his adventures south of the border.

The Second stop on the SkimUSA tour is the Shore lb. Throwdown, March 9th and 10th, 2024, at the world famous Sebastian Inlet State Park, at first peak. We are so stoked to bring all of our skim family to the Shore lb. back yard and skim one of our favorite waves.

We have a lot of amazing surprises for you this year, so stay tuned and check out our blog to be the first to know about everything!

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